GraphPath was founded to democratize the creation, collaboration and management of large-scale Knowledge Graphs through its Knowledge Graph-as-a-Service technology framework and tools, which was publicly announced on August 2017.


GraphPath is now taking its vision one step further by creating GraphOS, the world’s first decentralized operating system for Knowledge Graphs on the blockchain, that will be enabled by the GraphOS Protocol. GraphOS will facilitate the creation, collaboration and sharing of Knowledge Assets (KAs) among network participants and seamlessly integrate Knowledge Graphs in a safe, secure and transparent manner.


Introducing GraphOS


The PROTOCOL & Network


THE Vision


GraphOS, the world’s first operating system for Knowledge Graphs on the blockchain, will be architected and built from the ground up in partnership with members of the GraphOS Consortium in order to leverage the latest blockchain protocols, security standards, graph computing innovations, and AI techniques.


GraphPath will take the initial lead in its architecture and development, to ensure that it delivers on its vision and gains traction, but it will also work to add strategic partners that can complement the vision, resources and skill- sets.